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Blogdome: NBA Players Can't Fight

• A pay-per-view fight between NBA players would be extremely difficult to watch. [TrueHoop]
• The NBA's Pacific Division, as related to songs in an iTunes library. [J.E. Skeets]
• Goodbye to Paul Coffee. [Off Win Opinion]
• After Bill Simmons' intern — without, ahem, credit to its original source — linked to a blog's conversation with NFL referee Ed Hochuli, a bunch of Simmons haters took over the message board. The link went down pretty soon after that. [The World According to TMC]
• It is extremely difficult to watch the Outdoor Life Network if you live in New York City. [Hockeybird]
• The great spellers at Wizz Nutzz have relaunched their site. [Wizz Nutzz]


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