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Blogdome: Predicting 2007

• How's 2007 going to work out? How about this? [Off The Baggie]
• Roger Goodell is a cool guy, really. [SBS Sports Blog]
• A look back at the first half of the NHL season. [PopJocks]
• Speaking of which, how about a look at the first half of the NBA season? [3 Man Lift]
• Stallone knows him some soccer. [Soccernista]
• Hey, Clemens? Screw off. [Yankees Chick]
• All right, potential Steelers coaches, here's what ya gotta do. [Teapot Dome Scandal]
• Who you would want to hang out with in sports. [Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom]
• Gary Sheffield's new book. It has words. [Steroid Nation]
• Bob Davie is criticizing Charlie Weis. Hee. [Valentine's Views]
• Serena Williams can't really fit in the catsuits anymore. [Pass The Word]
• The most depressing post we've seen in a while. Hint: It involves Illinois basketball. [Fleece The Pig, Flog The Pony]


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