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Blogdome: Ready For October?

• Some rules on watching the upcoming playoffs with a significant other who is considerably less into sports than you are. [Off TheBaggie]
• All kinds of hockey and politics gossip going on in Canada. [Out Of Left Field]
• Would Joe Girardi really be much help for the Cubs? [Snobs Vs. Slobs]
• Looking at the 2001 college football coaching hires. [Vandermint Auditorium]
• A Bengals fan enjoys Sunday's win in a far more healthy fashion than Chris Henry and Odell Thurman. [Bengals Zone]
• You know, Hirshey's gonna start to get a big head if this keeps up. [This Is American Soccer]
• Twins fans do some hard-earned celebrating. [Complete Sports]
• How to fix the Giants' woes. [Off Season On Smash]
• A logical suggestion for the newest sideline reporter. [Insomniac's Lounge]
• Bill Callahan, perpetually under fire in Lincoln. [Dirty Laundry]


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