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Blogdome: Resisting O.J.

• Is USC better off without O.J. Mayo? [Lion In Oil]
• Jay Mariotti knows his quarterbacks. [Jay The Joke]
• Urban Meyer has recruiting down to a science. [Loser With Socks]
• Remembering the greatness of John Tesh. [The Incredible Mr. Limpet]
• What is Josh McRoberts thinking? [Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom]
• All kinds of inexplicable behavior this week. [The Smittblog]
• The phrase "A Tubby Gopher." [I Dislike Your Favorite Team]
• Some NCAA hockey tidbits. [Hoover Street Rag]
• The art of the cheap shot. [Sammy's Sports Sermons]
• Tony LaRussa was awfully blinged up during his arrest the other night. [The View From The Top]
• Sometimes a quarterback is so angry he just has to throw a cup. [The Wizard Of Odds]


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