Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• Last night officially marked the end of the Braves "dynasty." [mlbeat]
• Introducing ... The Big Ten Channel. We'll absolutely watch this. [The Wizard Of Odds]
• It's Diego Maradona's great goal(s), recreated in Nintendo soccer. [The Wade Blogs]
• An extremely strange look at what the U.S. World Cup team needs to win. [I Dislike Your Favorite Team]
• If bloggers went through the same thought process as Cubs manager Dusty Baker, it would look a lot like this. [Cub Reporter]
• The savior for the Red Sox last night? Jules Winnfield. [Keep Your Sox On]
• Gnarly: Jeff Spicoli is playing in the World Cup. [A Fan's Attic]
• Speaking of which ... Peter Crouch is TIMMY! [Sportlitics]
• In honor of Gary Matthews, Jr. [Putting It In Reverse]
• You likes yourself the movies? Well, it's your lucky day: Gawker Clips has launched, "featuring both original and recommended content. Gawker Clips offers you the latest video clips from all our titles in one refreshingly context-free location." An excellent time waster. [Gawker Clips]


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