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Blogdome: Some Hated College Hoopsters

• One guy's least favorite college basketball players of all time. We love that Nick Smith is on there. [On Second Glance]
• If you had trouble understanding what Gary Matthews Jr. was saying, this might help. [Chicks Dig The Long Ball]
• Evander Holyfield knows how to discover if someone's using steroids. [Nation Of Islam Sports Blog]
• There are demons on the Minnesota bench! Ack! [Empty The Bench]
• Foreign sports teams have much better names that we do. [Tomorrow-Land]
• Cherokee Parks looks like Bill Pullman from Zero Effect, which is an underrated movie, by the way. [The Incredible Mr. Limpet]
• Is the NBA giving Kobe too hard of a time? [Rumors And Rants]
• Is Bill Simmons ghostwriting for his wife? [Sportszilla]
• An interview (not really) with Chief Illiniwek. [Foul Balls]
• How A-Rod and Kobe are similar. []


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