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Blogdome: That's Not Poopy on His Lip

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• A q-and-a with Tony Dungy courtesy of those vagina-tooting geniuses at the KSK. [KSK]
• Another vote for Megan, so sayeth With Leather. [WithLeather]
• Notre Dame is a "hot, slutty cheerleader". I always suspected Notre Dame was more like Kathryn Gemme, but maybe that's just me. [NBX]
• Mr. Poon gets a boner over Keith Law writing for Page 2. Number of times I've written that sentence in my life? 3. [Mr.Poon]
• Adam Morrison's River's Edge look is becoming contagious. [IndyCornRows]
• Fascinating breakdown on the wisdom of trick plays post-Boise State euphoria. [InTheFray]

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