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Blogdome: The End Of SBL In DC

• We will very much miss Mr. Mottram 'sSports Bloggers Live. [Mr. Irrelevant]
• Lots of great gambling opportunities this playoff weekend. [Rumors And Rants]
• Yeah, this is exactly the guy you want on the cover of this year's calendar. [Futon Report]
• Who imploded this NFL season? [Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom]
• This could be why Ron Mexico occasionally forgets plays. [Leave The Man Alone]
• Sportech gets a redesign. [SporTech]
• Fun with Lloyd Carr! [Bleacher Report]
• Buzz Bissinger becomes the newest fella to point out that Stephen A. types columns on his Blackberry. [Phawker]
• It never gets tiring making fun of Rex Grossman. [We Complain In Vain]
• No, really, it doesn't. [Seattlest]

Also, we wanted to express our best wishes to Jay Mariotti, who is recovering in a New Orleans hospital after having emergency angioplasty surgery after traveling to the Sugar Bowl on Wednesday. We've made justifiable fun of Mariotti around here, but it's all in fun. We wish him well. See what happens when you actually go cover games, Jay?


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