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Blogdome: The General To Evanston!

• Bring Bob Knight to Northwestern! [Knight To Cats]
• Kaz Tadano, sent to the minors again. We really wish someone reach around and give him a hand (or job). [A Baseball Geek]
• Shaun Alexander saved himself until he was 24. [Chicks Dig The Long Ball]
• The keys to making your baby a Red Sox fan. [yanksfan/soxfan]
• It's bad when you lose your false teeth while wrestling. [Sports By Brooks]
• Drew Neitzel is a little scary looking. [Patrick Sauer]
• Get ready for the Cricket World Cup! [Deuce Of Davenport]
• Carl Pavano lives. [Lt. Winslow]
• Bud Selig is the real home run champ. [Bugs And Cranks]
• Are the Lakers falling apart? [West Side Slant]
• In Japan, the culture must be for Yankees and Red Sox to be friends. [My Baseball Bias]
• Perhaps this should be the new ESPN commercial. [The M Zone]


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