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Blogdome: The REAL Hall Of Fame

• Time, once again, for voting on the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame. [Football Outsiders]
• Yeah, it's really not a happy time for Giants fans. [NYGMen]
• What's going on with that Williams sisters contract lawsuit involving their father? [Pass The Word]
• Vince Young is changing all kinds of perceptions. [Futon Report]
• That kicker guy is being awfully mean to the Manning Family. [The Big Picture]
• What would a BCS playoff system look like right now? [hoagie central]
• How about a BCS honors system? [The Realests]
• Come on, put in Orton! [Rumors And Rants]
• It's OK to love Grady Sizemore, even if you're not gay or a woman. [Kid Cleveland]
• David Stern will take over your industry next. [Hoopssmack]
• Another NFL blog, started by Deadspin commenters! [NFL Hits]


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