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Blogdome: There Are No Lesbians Here!

• Joe Paterno might be kind of old and crotchety, but at least, unlike some Penn State coaches, he's not a ranting homophobe. [OutSports]
• Yet another reason it's better to be Tony Parker than, say, anyone else on earth. [Yay!Sports]
• What's a good way to kill yourself? Listen to a full day of Boston sports talk radio. [Boston Sports Media]
• Perfect world Peter King: "If Ozzie Guillen's enthusiasm were any more contagious, it would be the bird flu." [Yard Work]
• Baseball Musings' weekly radio show is an hour earlier than usual because of the playoffs, so get there in time. [Baseball Musings]
• Buzzsaw blogger tries to make sense of another crushing loss. Welcome to the party, pal. [Cardinals Report] (this blog needs a better name, by the way; we'll promise daily links for a week if they change it to "The Buzzsaw Bumpershoot." Just saying)


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