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Blogdome: Welcome To FanFest

• A most amusing rundown of the FanFest in Pittsburgh. [Mondesi's House]
• If all interviews with Brian Griese were like this, he'd be our favorite player. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
• This weekend in Renaldo Balkman. [Bench Renaldo]
• Wait .. .Scott Boras lies? []
• On Jay Mariotti, Jay Crawford and Mad Dog Russo. [The Sports Interns]
• Mr. Simmons, Darko is not Croatian. [The Off Color Commentator]
• Speaking of Simmons, you can hear him on Adam Carolla's radio show today. [Roscoe Report]
• The best 10 moments from the World Cup. [The National Anthem Before A Cubs Game]
• It's Carnival of the NBA day! [Need4Sheed]


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