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Blogdom's Best: Carolina Panthers

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It might not — yet — have the online fanaticism and cachet of baseball, but the NFL and its fans are starting to catch up in the world of team-devoted blogs. To this end, Deadspin salutes these modem-addled souls and proudly presents Blogdom's Best, given to the most outstanding blog for each NFL team. There are fewer than there are for baseball, but they're out there, if you look. If you would like to nominate a blog (yours, even) for selection, just let us know at Today: The Carolina Panthers.


It's hard to believe that the Carolina Panthers are 10 years old this season — and that it was Sen. Jesse Helms' intense lobbying that helped to create them (we just can't picture Jesse in front of the TV with a fistful of Cheetos rooting for Stephen Davis). But it takes a long time for NFL roots to grow, and the Panthers are not there yet. There hasn't been enough time to create a generational fans base. And the people of North Carolina are just, well, too polite to make this a classic football town.

But that's not to say that, given time, Carolina fans could not become as devoted and loutish as those in Green Bay or Chicago. Their blogging community also seems to be in its nascent stage, but there are enough good ones to keep one interested. Here are three of the best:

3. Dave's Football Blog. A focus on the Steelers and the Panthers. How can you not love a blog that live blogs Panthers games from a different sports bar every week?
2. Panthers Huddle. We're not a particular fan of photo albums, but this one is good. Consistent postings and great analysis.
1. Eye of the Panther. Another of the Most Valuable Network's growing network of quality NFL blogs, great game previews and the place to go for breaking news.

(Tuesday: The Oakland Raiders)

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