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We have traveled to many strange, exotic team hater blogs, witnessed the disdain first hand, and purchased souvenirs. But now we shall go one step beyond โ€” stepping into uncharted territory: hater blogs devoted to a single person. Yes, we know it's dangerous. There's a chance we will never see home and loved ones again. But damn it, we have to try. Pray for us.

It's the craze that's sweeping the nation โ€” Fire Millen. Like the Macarena and "Who Let the Dogs Out?" before it, people have embraced this phenomenon, and it's all anyone can talk about. Getting rid of the Detroit Lions' president and CEO has developed into a pop culture sensation; even people who don't like the Lions, or football even, are jumping onto the Fire Millen bandwagon. Predictably, the Internet is no exception. Let's take a stroll through the loathing, shall we?

3. FireMillen.Net. A solid blog which features a good Fire Millen Photoshop selection.
2. Fire Millen. A cornucopia of Millen hate, featuring video of the Che Guevara of the Fire Millen movement, Duncan DeBruin.
1. Fire Matt Millen. "RULE CHANGES FROM LAST YEAR ** 1 - When playing polio patients, the Lions must not disconnect knee braces."

Postscript ... for those who think we're being a little hard on Matt, let's not forget this.