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Blogdom's Best: Washington Redskins

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It might not — yet — have the online fanaticism and cachet of baseball, but the NFL and its fans are starting to catch up in the world of team-devoted blogs. To this end, Deadspin salutes these modem-addled souls and proudly presents Blogdom's Best, given to the most outstanding blog for each NFL team. There are fewer than there are for baseball, but they're out there, if you look. If you would like to nominate a blog (yours, even) for selection, just let us know at Today: The Washington Redskins.

Did you know: The Washington Redskins started as the Boston Braves in 1932? And that they played in Fenway Park from 1933-36? They were also the last NFL franchise to integrate — not signing their first black player until 1962. Oops — not cool, Washington Redskins. And how about changing that nickname while you're at it? It's a little, oh, icky.

A few more losses like they suffered this past Sunday to the Giants, and we'll be seeing wholesale changes, we're sure. For details, check out the Redskins' blog community — among the most devoted, and brutally honest, in sports. Come with us now as we select three of the best:

3. The Hogs.Net. The place to go for pre-game breakdowns — these guys leave no stone unturned. Also some great commentary.
2. Hog Heaven. Our favorite part of this excellent site is when the authors review the mainstream media. Also be sure to check out Redskins Review, a spinoff created by one of Hog Heaven's regular writers.
1. Hail Redskins. They have it all, including the blog-within-a-blog, War Cry!. A must for the discriminating Redskins fan.


(Tuesday: The New Orleans Saints)

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