One of Deadspin's own has a gruesome tale to tell. This is the time that I bumped my leg at the bodega the other night.

I had just moved and I was still getting used to the layout of the new neighborhood. After finishing up some chores, I decided to go to the local corner store for a quick bite to eat and a cold beverage. After paying for my items (quart of Tecate and a Jamaican beef patty, both excellent) I turned to leave and my shin struck a wooden crate of bananas that was on the floor. It really stung for a few seconds.

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Dash is here tomorrow with some more Blood Week material and Stev D has the reigns on Sunday. Once again, big ups to the Emeritus for gettin' hitched. Hope the Deadspin Bunch in attendance behaves themselves in an occasionally ferocious, often ribald manner.