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Illustration for article titled Blue Jays Danny Jansen Sacrificed His Mustache Mid-Game For An RBI Single

Danny Jansen was missing out on the offensive fun his teammates were getting into on Friday as the Blue Jays were absolutely steamrolling the Tigers. While his team had gotten up to a 9-0 lead in the top of the sixth, Jansen had started the game going 0-for-3 from the plate.

In order to increase the chances of on-field success, the catcher did what any superstitious athlete would do in his position and made a drastic change. In this case, he decided to shave his mustache. In his following at-bat, Jansen smacked an RBI single into left field that drove in two more runs for Toronto.


Jansen’s stache was apparently a bonding tool between himself and pitcher Marcus Stroman—who had a pretty incredible night himself. But Stroman wasn’t too hurt by his teammate’s decision considering the outcome of the game, an eventual 12-1 win.

“We were kind of matching as battery mates out there,” Stroman said, rubbing his own mustache. “But whatever to get knocks. He shaved it off and had a double-RBI single. Whatever for knocks.”

Somewhere, the ghost of George Steinbrenner is having quite an arrogant laugh over this whole thing.

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