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Blue Jays Not Afraid To Have Fun With Banned Cartoonish Violence

Well, maybe Canadians are too iffy about the violent striking of children to let the now infamous Frank Thomas pillow commercial hit the air, but that doesn't mean the Blue Jays can't still have some fun with it.


On September 2, the Blue Jays will be hosting Frank Thomas Pillow Night, in which the first 5,000 fans aged 14 and under will receive a free Thomas pillow. It is unknown whether or not Thomas will actually smack the children once they enter the gate — in a similar fashion to Albert Belle Bat Night from a decade or so ago — but we shall keep our fingers crossed.

We are fascinated, by the way, by a comment on the original Frank Thomas story which said, essentially, that Canada is cool with the weed but not so hip on the stylized violence, and we Americans are the exact opposite. We're not sure which mindset we agree with more. Close call. Can't there be both?


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