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Blues Players Just Straight Up Start Whaling On Each Other In Practice

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This is it, folks: The most exciting moment of the Blues’ season. It’s all downhill from here. (And, uh, was all downhill to get here. Don’t think about it too hard.)

St. Louis is ass, and has already fired a head coach, so they’re running out of things to do to shake up a miserable team. Perhaps a practice fight? Winger Zach Sanford and defenseman Robert Bortuzzo got into it during a drill on Monday, and man they really went at it!

What the video doesn’t show is Sanford hurling his stick like a mighty lightning bolt at Bortuzzo after the latter was escorted away. Everything’s fine in St. Louis! Just fine.


The fight came off a 3-on-3 battle drill, which is all about puck possession in confined quarters. Pushing, shoving, shit-talking, checking, punching. You know how it goes.

“That’s just frustration, I think,” said forward Pat Maroon, who happily recounted getting beaten up by a teammate in his first season of junior hockey. “Everyone’s frustrated in here. You guys are frustrated because you’re looking for answers, too, and we’re looking for answers. All that buildup and playing a game down low three on three and battling hard and doing the little things, sometimes things happen and they happen fast. Obviously it’s unfortunate that they fought, but sometimes it’s good for guys. It’s frustration. I don’t think ‘Bobbo’ meant to, I don’t think ‘Sandy’ meant to. It’s part of the game and just working hard and being frustrated.”

The Blues have lost eight of 11, and lost by five goals on Sunday as they got booed off their home ice. There’s an old saw in hockey about fights jumpstarting momentum, but what happens when it’s two teammates fighting? Either the Blues will have double the momentum and never lose again, or the momentum swings will just cancel each other out and nothing will change.

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