Blunder Reveals Washington NFL Team Runs Supposed Fan Account Supporting "Redskins" Name

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While Washington was in a close game with Chicago, some suspicious tweeting went down. These two tweets, sent from two purportedly different organizations that have no affiliation with each other, look pretty similar. Given the exact similarities between the two tweets, this is almost certainly a copy/paste job.

Redskins Facts is supposedly a grassroots organization aiming to create support for a mascot named after scalping Native Americans. However, it is run by a PR firm, not fans, and the team has carefully skirted around precisely designating it as independent. As SBNation points out, the Washington Post fact-checked the site’s claims and found them misleading.


With this bit of self-plagiarism, it certainly appears that Redskins Facts is in fact not run by a bunch of concerned citizens. Who would’ve thought!


Photo via AP