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Bob Kraft: Enemy Of Domestic Violence, Friend To Floyd Mayweather

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Bob Kraft went on CBS This Morning to talk some Ray Rice, because that's an easy way to score points right now, and talked a very hard line on domestic abuse in the NFL. Here's the last time he was seen with Floyd Mayweather, known serial woman beater.


And here's a partial transcript of Kraft today, via NESN:

"I think everyone that witnessed that video yesterday has to be outraged and really disgusted to see someone associated with us doing something like that us," Kraft said. "Anyone who is a real man doesn't hit a woman." Kraft also defended NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has been the target of criticism in past weeks and again Monday for his handling of the Rice situation. "I know our commissioner has taken some heat," Kraft said. "I just want to say that I spoke with him (Monday) not knowing what was going to happen and knowing I was coming in here. He had no knowledge of this video. … "The way he's handled this situation himself, coming out with the mea culpa and his statement a couple of weeks ago or 10 days ago and setting a very clear policy of how we conduct ourselves in the NFL I thought was excellent. Anyone who's second-guessing that doesn't know him."

The above photo was taken September 29 last year, as the Patriots played the Falcons in Atlanta. Kraft let Floyd borrow a cufflink and everything. Here's another GIF, via The Nose Bleeds:

If you're unfamiliar with Floyd's history, you can read a detailed account of just how much is known and often ignored about Mayweather battering women below.