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Legendary columnist and occasional ESPN talking head Bob Ryan was, at 63, as pruney as most people his age. But he appears to be going through an alarming transformation.

Several readers, who must be in the farming industry, were up at 9:30 a.m. today and watching The Sports Reporters. That's when the harrowing Ryan reports started to file in:

• "What happened to Bob Ryan's face? On Sports Reporters he looks like he had a bad reaction to some shellfish. "


•" Did you see Sports Reporters this morning? Bob Ryan's eyebrows were almost touching his hairline and his eyes looked like he went a round with Sugar Ray Leonard in his prime. He should've waited, oh, a couple of months before debuting his new face. Yikes."

I did not see "The Sports Reporters." No, like most Americans operating on Eastern Standard Time, I was making up for that hour Ben Franklin stole from us.

But Tim Hammill, author of Tim's Take, was watching. And he took this screen shot of the "new" Bob Ryan:


Goodness. What in the Greta Van Susteren happened to Bob?

Hopefully, there's nothing seriously wrong with Mr. Ryan, but there is definitely something seriously different about his facial features. Now, we've heard of one other columnist-turned-talking-head's plastic surgery rumors. So maybe this is a trend. It is possible that Ryan did have some sort of horrible food allergy reaction, maybe lobster or scallops or 'Nutter Butters. Or perhaps he stuck his head inside a hornet's nest on the way to the studio this morning? But, yeah, Bob Ryan — new face.


UPDATE: Apparently Ryan had some dermatological procedure to prevent cancer. He's okay though.


What Happened To Bob Ryan's Face? [Tim's Take]


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