Bobby Bowden Has Had Just About Enough Of Your "Rules"

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FSU's 14 forfeited wins puts Bobby Bowden a distant second in number of all-time D1 victories. The dignified thing to do would be to accept it, move on, and try to outlive outlast JoePa. That's not how Bobby rolls.

As if it wasn't enough to see a 79-year-old man throw a hissy fit over "only" having the second most wins in history, we get to see him keep up the tantrum all offseason long.


Bowden's got his staff combing through the archives to find a few more wins to keep him from falling too far behind Joe Paterno.

Meanwhile, Bobby is hatching one final trick play. This one involves digging up what he says are 22 victories earned while he was coach at South Georgia Junior College from 1956-58. Asterisk that, NCAA.

"I've got to get put in the grave here one of these days ... " Bowden said. "It don't count to them. It does to me."


If you'll remember, Bowden successfully petitioned the NCAA to accept his 28 wins at Samford. But this is too much. I hate to break it to Bowden that South Georgia probably isn't a BCS school. But come to think of it, Florida State hasn't looked like one lately.

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