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Bobby Cox On The Brink Of History

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Bobby Cox tied the all-time Major League Baseball ejections record last night, getting tossed in a 2-1 loss against the Tigers. That makes a total of 131 for Cox, tying John McGraw, who was tossed 117 times as a manager and 14 more as a player.


The problem here is that while Cox gets himself worked up into a froth pretty often, none of his ejections have been particularly memorable. I'd like to propose a few ways for him to get thrown out a record 132nd time, ensuring that it will be an occasion we'd all remember.

• Eschew the argument all together and take the field wearing a hat that reads, "UMP, YOU'RE A COCKSUCKER."


• In a game where the Braves are having trouble hitting the opposing pitcher, handcuff yourself to said pitcher and swallow the key before proceeding with a tirade that ensures your ejection.

• Get a plastic blow-up doll, write "MRS. JOHN HIRSCHBECK" across her back with a black Sharpie, drag it out to the pitchers mound, and penetrate it with a Louisville Slugger.

• Hope that Barry Bonds eclipses Hank Aaron's record in the Giants' July 23-26th series against Atlanta, tackle Barry as he rounds third on the historic home run, and repeatedly punch him in the face and scream, "THIS IS FOR HANK!"

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