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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

When the Saints arrived in Atlanta for their Thursday night game, they were greeted by having their team bus egged by airport workers. Finally, Bobby Hebert had the guts to say what I'm sure everyone was thinking: it was black people, right?


On his WWL radio show last Thursday, Hebert—the former Saints and Falcons QB, most recently seen getting kicked out of the LSU press box for excessive cheering—was trying to draw the distinction between the fan bases. Atlanta fans aren't passionate, he said. Co-host Deke Bellavia pointed out the egging incident. Hebert clarified, admitting that "the African-American community" in Atlanta is passionate about the Falcons, and "without a doubt" were the ones throwing eggs.

As theories go, this one's less offensive than it is downright weird and unsolicited, especially since it's clear Hebert means it as a compliment. It'll be fun to see how Hebert's luggage is treated at Hartsfield-Jackson when he travels to the Georgia Dome for LSU's Chick-fil-A Bowl appearance—if he's allowed in.

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