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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Awhile ago we wrote about the parents' revolt at Castro Valley (Calif.) High, wherein varsity girls basketball coach Nancy Nibarger was forced to allow a special panel of "objective observers" to choose her team at preseason tryouts. She was even forced to have an ombudsman observe all of her subsequent practices. Parents who didn't think that their daughters would get a fair shake instigated the move — threatening to sue the school district if they didn't get their way.


One of the parents is a judge, of course.

The parents got thier way, the panel made their choices, and ... none of their daughters made the team. But this hasn't ended the controversy. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Nope, the parents continue to insist. It was a conspiracy. They wanted Nibarger fired this year, and if they couldn't get that (and they couldn't after formal complaints to the principal, district and school board), they were going to make her life miserable.

It's clear that we're in a quagmire at Castro Valley High. NBC has officially called it a civil war, and pulling out our troops immediately seems to be the only option.

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