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By now you’ve heard about the blockbuster trade that sent Clippers great Boban Marjanovic to the Sixers in exchange for a quiver of picks and some rotation guys. Big Boban is on the move, but he won’t be alone. Bobi will head to Philly accompanied by his dear friend Tobias “Tobi” Harris, in a pairing that has survived their last three NBA teams. That’s an unusual feat for any two teammates in this wheeling-and-dealing league. May their bond endure.


Bobi and Tobi dance together, regularly pose for soulful Instagram photos, run a video series dedicated to their friendship, and enjoy roasting one another in public:


“We want people to feel more happy and put a smile on their face the way that we do right now,” Boban said of sharing their friendship with the world.

But the relationship wasn’t always easy for the pair, as a recent ESPN story revealed:

The friendship between Boban and Tobias — Bobi and Tobi — began in the same spirit as so many legendary duos: with Boban going up to Tobias and telling him, “I don’t like you.”

Boban is a man of many words, most of them joyful but none of them minced, and in his limited experience to that point, he’d found Tobias far too cocky for his liking. And so, by way of introduction, he told him.

“I was kinda taken aback,” Harris tells me before a game in Philadelphia the day after Halloween.

Hopefully Boban has increased his tolerance for cockiness, seeing as he’ll now be Joel Embiid’s backup.

Update (Feb. 8, 5:56 p.m. ET):

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