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Bonds, Conte, Steroids... Blah

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I actually can't tell how big of a story this is. When I see the words "Bonds" and "steroids" and a headline, I can try to read it, but in my head, it will all just sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown. But it's the top headline on right now, so it might be worth a mention.

Victor Conte is alleged to have told an associate of his that Barry Bonds, despite his claims to the contrary, knew exactly what he was doing when he used "the cream" and "the clear." They weren't just random substances from a friend, it wasn't something he wasn't sure of; he knew. At least, that's what Conte said, according to some other steroid-loving chemist named Patrick Arnold.


So, in order to believe that Bonds did in fact knowingly use steroids, all you have to do is believe that Patrick Arnold is telling the truth about something he heard Victor Conte say, and that Conte was telling the truth when he said what he said.

Myself, I just don't care about this. It's not that I'm willing to cut Bonds any slack, or to take his word for anything... I just don't trust any of these people.

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