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Bonds Might Do This This Weekend

After his two home runs yesterday, everybody's favorite beacon of light Barry Bonds is just two home runs away from tying Hank Aaron. Perhaps you've heard about this. He's got three games in Bud Selig's hometown of Milwaukee to go for it this weekend, and then comes home for a week. It's possible he might hit it it off John Smoltz.

But this is really gonna happen, folks. So now we just track the balls.

We look for more stories like the one of this guy, who caught Bonds' first homer yesterday (and 752nd overall). He, of course, wasn't actually at the game.

I heard the crack of the bat and the moans/cheers of the fans and immediately saw Wes heading for the foul line . I scrambled through the crowd on the street in that general direction. Running down the middle of the avenue , I picked up the flight of the ball on its way down ......this was going to be toooo easy I thought. A can of corn ! I put my glove up to catch it , but the ball never made it . Hitting what I thought was someones bare hands I had no idea where the ball went . At that point I expected a pileup of some sort. I looked up and there it was , an unbelievable , fortuitous had actually hit this guys bicep ( leaving a wicked bruise ) and bounced staight up in the air. Five maybe ten feet. And into my glove it fell. Like I said , tooooo easy.


We still find it kind of depressing that the record-breaking homer won't be hit at Wrigley. It's just not the same to watch people kill themselves for a ball while in a canoe.


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