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Bong's True Owner Is A Pro Poker Player, Calls It 'My Precious'

The owner of the famed Michael Phelps bong? It's Zachery "Carter" King, 23, who won the 2008 Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event, earning $1.3 million. That buys a lot of weed.

King was arrested on Feb. 7 and charged with simple marijuana possession and released. He came to their attention, Richmond County police say, when he attempted to sell the bong on eBay for $100,000. King denies this. From Poker News Daily:

Late Friday night, King replied to a TwoPlusTwo thread entitled "Was ckingusc arrested? Did he try selling his bong on eBay?" His response to the two questions posed: "Were u dropped on your head as a child or are u intentionally being dense? Either way they should be closing the case vs mike. As far as the charges vs me i cant speak about but the penalties will be very minimal. This entire thing has basically proven to me that you cannot trust the media or the police if you stand in the way of their interest. also fwiw, no i am not dumb enough to actually try and sell a bong on eBay."


The bong was confiscated by police, ready to be featured in a future episode of History's Mysteries.

On Monday Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said that he will not prosecute Phelps for his intimate coupling with the bong at a Columbia, S.C. house party in November. Eight others who were at the party have been arrested, however; some of them — including King — on charges not connected to the party. The police search warrant on King's home at 2201 Blossom Street, which was obtained by The Smoking Gun, doesn't mention the party at all. Instead, the warrant, released today by a magistrate judge, claims that the property at was targeted as part of "ongoing drug investigation in the Columbia, SC area."

King, who goes by the online poker handle "ckingusc," has earned nearly $2 million playing poker, according to Card Player.

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