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Boris Diaw's Behind-The-Back Pass Was Just Incredible

We've already sung the praises of Boris Diaw and his intoxicating fat-guy game, but after the performance he put on during last night's beat down of the Heat, it's worth heaping a little more praise on the thick Frenchman.


Just look at this damn pass. Behind-the-back passes don't get better than this. There was no hesitation here, no loading up or pausing for a beat before finally deciding to let the ball go. This was more reflexive twitch than basketball play, the result of two teammates sharing a consciousness. Watch it again, and notice how Diaw's eyes never for a moment wander toward Tiago Splitter.

Diaw's night was about more than just that pass, though. His 8-9-9 line was a perfect encapsulation of his skill set, and he was involved in some of the Spurs' prettiest possessions of the night.

The Spurs' offense is a beautiful machine. Last night, it hummed loudest while Boris Diaw was on the floor.

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