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Boston College Claims "Everything Is Fine" With Coach Who Said He Would Stare At The Eclipse

Photo credit: Carlos Osorio/AP

Boston College head football coach and best Vine user in history Steve Addazio had an interesting take on yesterday’s solar eclipse. While everyone else was fretting about possibly going blind by staring directly into the sun, Addazio refused to be cowed by fear:


Damn ... good question.

This morning I emailed associate athletics director Jason Baum to see if Addazio had indeed followed through on his threat to challenge the sun to a staring contest. I asked if Addazio had gazed upon the eclipse without protective eyewear, for how long he did so, and if he was in fact blinded by the experience. Baum replied:

Hi Tom,

His joke yesterday is making the rounds.

Everything is fine and it was practice as usual today.



Superficially, this seems like a firm denial, but note the lack of specifics. Boston College conspicuously has nothing to say on the questions of whether Addazio stared directly into the sun without protective eyewear and what the consequences were if he did, and merely asserts that everything is “fine.” Of course this is doubtless true—pretty sure you can still coach football if you’re blind.

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