Boston Guy Took His Gal to Providence to Meet OchoCinco But Didn't, So Now Chad's Cheap

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jOHN dOE of Boston is none-too-happy with the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson. Here's what he emailed about it...

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on the supposed generosity of Ocho Cinco. After weeks of tweeting that he planned to take New Englanders out for dinner, he fell very short on his promise.

My girlfriend and I drove down to Providence from Boston knowing that the away team of the Pats stay there. We got there nice and early and waited for him to tweet that the plane arrived. He tweeted their arrival as well as their hotel location (downtown Providence, right where we were). He asked for dinner locations and the excitement began to build for the twenty or so fans who happened to be waiting at the time.

A few hours passed, no tweets from Ocho (though several annoyed teammates that Ocho felt the need to tweet the teams location to the Twitterverse) and many more fans arrived. At one point he came out for about an hour, signed autographs and when asked about his promise for dinner completely ignored it.

So, come 8:30 we gave up and headed home because the team had a team meeting. Several hours later he retweets a message from ONE fan, WAD1980:

"@John your man @OGOchoCinco gave my wife and I a night we will never forget! Thanks for your help!".

So, it looks like after hours of waiting Ocho took out a friend of the CEO/founder of his sponsored software company.


J.D. then followed up with a screen-grab of OchoCinco allegedly blocking him. The horror.

Listen, I don't know much about WAD1980 — who went to dinner with a Bengal despite saying he enjoys "all the Boston sports teams" — but I do know this: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag both follow his Twitter feed. So, there's that.