That's the headline in today's Boston Herald from a column written by Sean McAdam, where the columnist questions why Rays' manager Joe Maddon opted to start lefty Scott Kazmir over James Shields. McAdam says Maddon's guilty of costly over-thinking with this move and this is something the struggling Red Sox could capitalize on in tonight's game. And I do agree โ€” it's just this type of managerial tinkering that could ultimately come back and haunt the Rays and propel the Red Sox toward one of those insane comebacks. Even so, is that the type of headline a hometown newspaper uses when their team is down 3-1? It's amazing just how far Boston has come in the last few years. Even on the brink of getting snuffed out from the World Series (again), they still have enough confidence and an overactive sense of entitlement to piss all over the other team's manager. This is what winners do. Obviously this is your designated area to yell about the Scott Kazmir versus the Dice-K in tonight's pivotal game 5 of the ALCS. Over/under on the pitch count between both starters after five innings is 342. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Out on the SKEETS there was violence.... Joe Maddon's Logic Inviting [BH]