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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Boston Snowfall Can Only Be Measured In Athletes

Illustration for article titled Boston Snowfall Can Only Be Measured In Athletes

It may never, ever stop snowing in Boston, where they've run out of places to dump it, and two more storms appear on the way over the next week. To illustrate the record-breaking snowfall this winter, the front page of today's Globe put it in terms every Bostonian can understand—slightly under one full Patrice Bergeron.


It's a neat idea! One that other outlets seem to have had (or stole).

Here's a CBC News Network graphic, which, to its credit, chose a Canadian basketball player:


And then this, from Boston's WCVB-TV:

WCVB's graphic adds a level of scaling missing from the Globe's—you can't skip right from Bergeron to Gronk.

I suppose athletes are the only things you can resort to when the collective snowfall surpasses the height of normal humans. But I can't help but feel like the BBC nailed this concept perfectly last month, during the first big blizzard:


Perhaps an update is in order, some sort of graph where one dog is standing atop another's withers? Possibly concealed in a trench coat, as they attempt to pass as human to gain entry to a steakhouse? Just a thought.

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