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Boxer Shot And Stabbed By Husband So Burglar Sees Perfect Chance To Strike

On Tuesday, boxer Christy Martin was shot and stabbed, allegedly by her husband. She's still in the hospital. Her husband's still on the lam. So, some classy folk(s) decided the time was right to break in. [Orlando Sentinel]

From the Orange County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office website ...

Orange County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the home of Christy and James Martin at about 2:08 PM today after receiving a report from a family friend that the home may have been burglarized. The friend had gone to the home at the request of Mrs. Martin to pick up some of her personal belongings. Sheriff's Deputies entered the home to insure no one was inside. The home has been cleared and the burglary was confirmed.

At this time there are no suspects in the apparent burglary however the investigation into this incident continues at this hour. We have no additional information to offer you at this time. We will update you when new or pertinent information becomes available.

Suspect James Martin remains at large at this time. Investigators do not know if Mr. Martin was involved in the burglary.


Love how they just slide that last line in there.

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