Reminder: Plesac and Clevinger broke MLB protocols in Chicago after they left their hotels and returned after curfew. Does he dispute that? Nope. After having dinner with his friends and then went to one of his friends’ house. When he returned to the hotel...after curfew...he was busted by MLB security.

“We broke curfew and came back late, and I was reported by MLB security being out in public and coming back let to curfew,” admits Plesac.

Somehow Plesac is whining about how MLB rules are rigged and acting as if what he did was not that bad.

Dr. Plesac believes “ten people or less is considered a very safe gathering especially if you’re six feet apart.” And that “going out with some buddies” and “being out in public, coming back late” was just fine.


“The media’s portraying me and my best friend and teammate to be malicious with our actions,” he complained. The pitcher wants you to believe that they were “practicing safe practices.”

Clearly, Cleveland, the MLB, and the media did not buy it.

I know it’s very easy to blame the sports media for everything nowadays, but MLB put these rules in to prevent another Miami Marlins or St. Louis Cardinals style outbreak. The league also introduced new rules to prevent a guy like Carlos Carrasco, a high-risk former cancer patient and Cleveland pitcher, from contracting the virus.


Clevinger was foolish enough to keep his mouth shut after Plesac got busted and traveled with the team home before he was busted for his role in the evening’s activities.

Dumb and Dumber were subsequently roasted by their own teammates.

Yesterday, a more sane Cleveland pitcher, Adam Plutko, said that Plesac and Clevinger, “ hurt us bad.”


“They lied to us,” he told reporters after the Tribe’s loss to the Cubs. “They sat here in front of you guys and publicly said things that they didn’t follow through on.

“It’s gonna be up to them. It really is. I’ll let them sit here and tell you how they’re gonna earn their trust back.”


In the meantime, Clevinger and Plesac will figure out how to do so. And, lord, please don’t let one of them do another video.

“Those grown-ass men can sit here and tell you guys what happened and tell you guys what they’re gonna do to fix it” Plutko concludes. “I don’t need to do that for them.”