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Bracket Breakdown: Midwest Region

Later today, we'll begin rolling out our Tidbit previews of each team/first-round matchup, but to kick us off, we're gonna look at each region. Here's the Midwest region.

Best Storyline: Is it possible for Joakim Noah to to become less likable?
Worst Storyline: Maryland vs. Davidson in the Schools Lefty Dreisell Once Coached Bowl.
Everybody's Favorite Upset: If Winthrop over Notre Dame is considered an "upset," well, then that one. Otherwise, Davidson over Maryland.
Odd Fact: Old Dominion's coach is named Blaine.
Most Handsome Man: Wisconsin's Kammron Taylor, followed closely by UNLV coach Lon "Unibrow" Kruger.
Most Skipable First-Round Game: Oregon-Miami (Ohio).


And, some predictions from around the Internets:

Dick Vitale: Florida.
Jay Bilas: Florida.
Andy Katz: Florida.
Stuart Mandel: Florida.
Gary Parrish: Florida.
• DEADSPIN: Florida. After listening to Joakim Noah after their win yesterday, we have a new villain, however. But this bracket's pretty easy.

Would you wear what Joakim Noah's wearing, if it meant a trip to the Final Four? Let us know your Midwest business ....

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