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Bracket Breakdown: South Region

Later today, we'll begin rolling out our Tidbit previews of each team/first-round matchup, but to kick us off, we're looking at each region. Here's the South region. We're so glad they're calling it "South" again, instead of "Houston," because in the rest of the world, it's not pronounced "HOW-ston."

Best Storyline: Texas essentially gets two home games if they make it to the Sweet 16, but we still love the first-round Stanford-Cornell matchup. Bragging rights for Andy Bernard! Did you know that he went to Cornell?


Worst Storyline: Can Kentucky make a tournament run? We await word from Kige.

Everyone's Favorite Upset: We're tempted to go all Oral Roberts on you, but that St. Mary's over Miami game is looking tempting. There are some Temple boosters out there too.

Odd Fact: Austin Peay will always be more famous for making Dick Vitale stand on his head by beating Illinois 21 years ago.

Most Handsome Man: Drew Neitzel, but only if he grows a huge 'fro.

Most Skipable First Round Game: Mississippi State-Oregon.

And, some predictions from around the Internets:

Dick Vitale: Texas.
Jay Bilas: Memphis.
Bob Knight: Pittsburgh.
Stuart Mandel: Memphis.
Gregg Doyel: Memphis.
DEADSPIN: Texas. We'll never really believe in Texas. Bob Knight has Pittsburgh winning the whole tournament, by the way.

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