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Remember last year, when Bill Murray suddenly showed up in Chicago to root on the Illini in their run for the Final Four? As Illini fans, this made us extremely happy. It's nice when it turns out that the celebrity fan bandwagon jumpers for your team are actually cool.

This region, as you'll note below, is all about Connecticut this year, and it's not difficult to see why; like North Carolina last year, they're stacked with first-round picks. The real question: If the Huskies win it all, who will console Jeff Jacobs?

A roundup of "expert" predictions for the Washington, D.C. regional:

Jay Bilas: Connecticut.
Daily Quickie: Connecticut.
Dick Vitale: Connecticut.
Andy Katz: Connecticut.
• Lenn Robbins, New York Post: Illinois.
Seth Davis: Connecticut.
Stuart Mandel: Connecticut.
The Amazingly Reappearing Joe Lunardi: Connecticut.
yoco: college basketball: Connecticut.
• Deadspin: Connecticut. Though we love us some Lenn Robbins right now.


Let's hear your predictions in the comments, please, if you're feeling tough.

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