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Brad And Grace

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Meet Brad Wackerlin. He lives in Lake of the Hills, Ill., is 33 years old and hey, sorry ladies, he just got married. He is also unnaturally obsessed with former Cubs first baseman Mark Grace. How obsessed? Well, he has 2,000 different Mark Grace baseball cards, runs two Mark Grace Web sites — and Grace Collector — and even details Grace's cameo appearances on other people's cards.

As would prove inevitable, Wackerlin had the opportunity to meet his precious in 2003. He details it thusly:

"I took great pride to hear him say that he had seen my sites and found them flattering. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet my sports hero made all the effort I put into maintaining the web sites seem worthwhile."


At which point Grace called security and slowly backed away from the convention center, dialing his lawyer for a restraining order on the way out. No need to waste time.

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