Brad Childress Is Full Of Crap

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Brad Childress came out of hiding today to complain about all those unscrupulous reporters and their unnamed sources who make up lies about Brad Childress and create nothing but trouble. Trouble he could end in two seconds if he'd just pick up the phone.


Childress finally did pick up the phone today, to talk to "The Power Trip Morning Show" on KFAN 1130 in Minneapolis, but only to be grumpy about all the unfounded rumors that have been written about him and his team, in regards to the Brett Favre "will he/won't they" debacle. The press says crazy things like Childress was in Mississippi when he was really in his office. Or that the Vikings gave Brett Favre a deadline to sign with them or else. Fabrications! Surgery? What surgery? What would Brad Childress know about any of this?

"I don't know how you guys in that industry go about your sourcing. A source said that a source said. I don't know. It's questionable. Very questionable."

It sure is. Yet for some crazy reason, the Vikings allow these rumors to persist. Credit to "The Power Trip" hosts for asking, "If the media is so incorrect, why don't you correct them?" Well, Brad has an answer for that it. It's not his job!

You're right, Brad. It's not your job. That's why the team has a public relations department. It's run by a guy named Bob Hagen. Maybe you should meet him! I bet his office is close enough to yours, that he could have walked over and seen you sitting at your desk when ESPN was reporting that you were on your way to Hattiesburg. I bet Ed Werder even has his phone number.

But you don't really want the actual information to get out, do you? You don't really want the media to know what lengths you're going to pursue Brett Favre. You don't want them to be aware of how many discussions you've had with his agent about the surgery or his arm strength, or how many practices you'll allow him to miss before it's too late for him to help your team. And you know what? That's fine. That stuff is boring anyway. However, all the confusion, rumor, innuendo, and "unnamed sources" that you hate so much are doing your job for you—obfuscating the truth so that if this whole stupid adventure falls apart, you won't be to blame. Stop bitching about those anonymous "incorrect" sources, when you could easily be the accurate, named source and choose not to.

That's why no one believes the new rumor that the Vikings have "suspended" their pursuit of Brett Favre. This isn't over. Everyone knows it's not over and you wouldn't have called into "The Power Trip" if it was. You refuse to talk (Brad Childress can't predict the future!) and now you want to complain when your story isn't told properly. If it's not your job to answer questions and provide information, then it's also not your job to be a media critic. We have enough of those already, thank you.


This whole thing is a mess, but Brad Childress and the Vikings created it. I didn't even mind playing along with it until now. But Brad Childress is not being honest. He's not playing fair. So screw him and his lousy quarterbacks. I won't be writing about any of them again. At least until I see Brett Favre actually holding up a Vikings jersey at that upcoming press conference we all know will take place in August.

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