There has to be a way to bring shame to these people in an increasingly shameless world. My instinctive thought was to stop play, put gloves and headgear on both the player and offensive fan and let the two rumble for 45 seconds while security stands around them in a circle so no one can get in or out.


That sounds great, but it’s unrealistic for many reasons even besides the fact that it’s illegal for the NBA to host a sanctioned boxing match during one of its events. The team owners would never agree to it, because a fan could fight dirty by throwing an elbow and now a star player is out with a fractured face. Also, this would be of no help to Beal because the incident happened after the game.

The only answer here is club bouncers.

Outside of the police, no one else on earth has more authority to rough people up than a bouncer. Curse out a bartender in front of a bouncer and you will be on your keister before you can blink. Bouncers don’t escort you out of a building, they remove you from it. Let the guy working the door at your favorite college watering hole drag a patron from their seat to the door. Sporting events would be a much better place.


And don’t limit just to the stands. If a bouncer was with Beal as he left the stadium last week, that fan could have received exactly what he deserved and been forced to take it. Instead, Beal is likely going to have to pay a lawyer and this fool because too many people feel they are entitled to say whatever they feel like without getting beat up.

It’s time for a change in the NBA. No more people with walkie-talkies walking offenders out of the building, or ushers watching over sections that couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. It’s time to hire some ex-college football players, dress them in all black, give them earpieces, and let them put some paws on people. It won’t stop fans from talking recklessly but at least the players can have the satisfaction of knowing that the offenders are getting their asses kicked.