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Brady Quinn, Friend To The Gays, Or Just Idol?

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In the newest issue of Interview magazine, Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, handsome man of leisure, spreads 'em and smiles big in a big photo feature. Brady looks all playful and chiseled and Notre Dame-y, we guess. You might notice, when you look at the pictures, that Brady is shot rather, oh, beefcakey.

The interview was conducted by former Out editor-in-chief Brendan Lemon, best known for being the guy who claimed to be dating a famous closeted baseball player, and photographed by Bruce Weber, not the basketball coach, but this guy. This got us to thinking: Was Brady Quinn aware of the gay bonafides of his interviewer and photographer? (Other than a general suspicion, since, uh, it's Interview.)

That's not meant to be provocative; it's just that this is sports, and if anything scares an athlete, it's gay people. (Oh, and paternity suits.) Lemon and Weber are experienced professionals, don't get us wrong, but we doubt it's a coincidence that Quinn's pictures look like he they might be used for currency in a Chelsea bathhouse. So did Quinn know, or was he just surprised by how gay the whole thing turned out? Because if he knew what he was getting into, that makes Brady Quinn, in our book, a pretty cool guy. And if he didn't ... well, that's just hysterical.


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