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Photo: Mike Zarrilli (Getty Images)

Pitcher Brandon McCarthy, who has played for seven teams over 13 major-league seasons, said in August that this year with the Atlanta Braves would be his last. He will retire on a high note.

McCarthy hasn’t pitched since June because of right knee tendinitis, but after his last appearance on June 24—five innings of three-run ball in a 7-3 victory over the Orioles—he became the only MLB player in history to achieve two statistical feats: 69 career wins and a 4.20 career ERA. That’s the cue for you to do the “Nice” thing.


McCarthy was supposed to come back and possibly help out the Braves in a relief role, but his rehab has taken longer than expected. Manager Brian Snitker said earlier this week that there wasn’t enough time to get the pitcher game-ready:

And so, one of the most online athletes has achieved one of the most online stat lines. Honestly, he should receive some kind of award. McCarthy gave years of his life to baseball, so it’s only fair that the sport reciprocate.

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