Braves Fan's Fatal Fall A Ruled A Suicide

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The death of Ron Homer, a 30-year-old Braves fans who fell from the upper level of Turner Field on Aug. 12, has been ruled a suicide by the medical examiner's office.

Homer plunged 85 feet from the 400 level of the stadium during a rain delay. He had just gotten off the phone with his mother, and his family speculated that he had gone to the concourse for a cigarette before falling over the waist-high railing. But despite authorities initially calling his death "accidental," yesterday's ruling by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office was of a suicide.


No other details were given, so it's not clear how the ME decided on the verdict. Toxicology reports found that Homer had alcohol in his system at his time of death.

Below is our story from the morning after Homer's death.