Braves Security Guard Snatches Ball From Child

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Wednesday night’s broadcast of the Pirates-Braves game featured a cameo by a security guard who takes his job way, way too seriously.


In the bottom of the eighth inning, a fan sitting on the first-base line reached over the fence and interfered with a fair ball. This is an unfortunate but fairly common occurrence at baseball games, and nothing getting too worked up about. Tell that to the security guard who leapt into the stands, immediately ejected the offending fan, and then snatched the ball away from a kid the fan had given it to:

The good news is that, according to ESPN, the Braves will be giving the kid a new ball autographed by Freddie Freeman. We can all rest easy knowing that the kid will be happy, and that Mr. Overzealous Security Guy will continue to protect the world from children having fun at baseball games.