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Brawl Breaks Out After NC State Scores Game-Winning Touchdown Against UNC

NC State running back Reggie Gallaspy II scored a one-yard touchdown to give the Wolfpack the 34-28 overtime win over their in-state rivals UNC. The emotions of the rivalry flared up in the end zone when players started shoving one another shortly after the celebrations from those in red began. It’s not clear whether the fight was started by someone from the defense or the offense, but the scuffle went on for a good amount of time before coaches stepped in to separate the two teams.


In-state rivals getting into to it during a game is no surprise. What is a surprise, however, is North Carolina coach Larry Fedora denying that the fight ever happened, and saying that the scuffle was in fact a celebration.

It’s amazing what three straight losses to an in-state rival does to the brain. Regardless, this was a hell of a way to signal the end of Raycom Sports.

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