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According to police, a 26-year-old Brazilian man was killed when rioters ripped out three toilets from Arruda Stadium and threw them into a crowd of people during a match between Santa Cruz and Parana Friday night. One of the toilets struck the man and killed him instantly. Be warned, you can see one toilet in the video above as it crashes into a crowd of people.

Globoesporte of Brazil reported that rioters ripped three toilets from the stadium bathroom and tossed them from the stands during Friday night's 1-1 draw between Santa Cruz and Parana. One of the toilets struck a fan identified as 26-year-old Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva, killing him instantly.

"The toilet was thrown from the stands and hit him full on," police captain Wilson Queiroz told Globoesporte.

"The victim was with someone at the time but everyone fled the scene after the incident."


Brazil, which has had to deal with the death of construction workers and more than its share of riots in the months leading up, will host the World Cup in little in June.

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