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Brazilian Soccer Players Are Pretty In Pink

Here we have one Jairo, a midfielder for the Brazilian club Figueirense, who has ... wait a minute. Isn't it a little early to be rolling out the spring wardrobe?

Jairo must have somehow got on the bad side of coach Roberto Fernandes, who famously makes miscreant players practice in dresses. And what a shabby selection: I wouldn't be caught dead lining up for a penalty kick in one of these. From Unprofessional Foul:

Fernandes is the manager of Figueirense, who currently play in the second national tier of Brazilian football. The player in the picture above is Jairo, 21 year old central defender. As the story goes, Fernanades was extremely frustrated with Jairo's play, so he put Jairo in the skimpy/sassy top. Jairo's reponse was empahatic and immediate. In the manager's words, Jairo gave one of the team's top performances next match.


Not every player can pull this off, of course. You've got to have the Figueirense for it (dodges brick).

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